Maintain a Beautiful, Functional Watch

Choose us for a watch battery replacement in Tuscaloosa, AL

Don’t stop wearing your favorite watch just because the battery died. Visit Tom’s Jewelry Repair for a watch battery replacement. We’ll switch out the battery and adjust the band while you’re there. If you need new crystals or adjustments in the watch face, we can handle those issues, too.

Visit us for watch battery replacement work in Tuscaloosa, AL today.

3 signs you might need professional watch repair work

What’s wrong with your watch? Tom’s Jewelry Repair is a watch repair expert. Visit us right away if:

  1. Your watch band is broken or needs an adjustment
  2. Your watch hands won’t move at the correct speed
  3. Your crystal is scratched and needs to be replaced

We can add or remove links in a metal watch or punch a hole in a leather wristband. To learn more about our watch repair services in Tuscaloosa, AL, call 205-758-2213 today.