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There’s something for everyone at Tom’s Jewelry Repair. We sell white gold, yellow gold and sterling silver products. We’re more than just a watch store. Pick up a charm for a young lady’s charm bracelet or surprise a loved one with a gold chain necklace. We carry wedding sets, rings, earrings and other jewelry.

Shop our Bulova and Citizen watches. Visit our watch store in Tuscaloosa, AL today to see our selection.

3 reasons to browse our wedding sets

It takes time to find the perfect wedding bands. They should reflect your style and be comfortable enough to wear all the time. Choose one of our wedding sets because:

  1. We carry unique designs you won’t find at major retailers
  2. We have a laser machine to engrave your rings with precious words
  3. We offer groove rings, a rubber wedding band with a lifetime warranty

We also offer different types of University of Alabama jewelry. Call 205-758-2213 today to request a consultation for wedding sets in Tuscaloosa, AL.