Recycle Old Jewelry Into a New Piece

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Do you need jewelry restoration services? Tom's Jewelry Repair can remove dust, dirt and rust from your gold and silver pieces.

Sign up for the Star Gem program at Tom's Jewelry Repair. You can design jewelry pieces in-store or through an app on your smartphone. We'll create your custom designs.

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3 ideas for repurposing jewelry

Repurposing jewelry is an easy way to modernize family heirlooms. Here are three ways we can recycle your jewelry:

  1. We'll use stones from an old ring to create a necklace.
  2. We'll take gems from earrings to turn into a pendant.
  3. We'll save stones from a pendant to turn into a ring.

We have books of different mountings for you to browse and select from. We can recreate any design you see. If you want to combine design elements, we can do that, too. Stop by right away to discover all of your repurposing options.